Winds of Change

The Beginning

As you sat with your traveling companions at the Inn of the Crossroads (possibly one of thousands of so-named inns across Bredania) a scholar named Parle Cranewing approaches you. “It seems,” he says in a squeaky voice, “That you are adventurers and adventurers are just what I am looking for.” A smile spreads across his gaunt face as his overlarge eyes peer out above his spectacles. Parle explains that he is a scholar with a particular interest in the Kingdom that Was. He says that he has it on good information that an old keep lies just to the north of the town of Winterhaven (so named because it lies just far enough south that it rarely gets extreme winter weather), which – in turn – is just north of the inn you are in. Parle would like the party to map the inn so that he may add it to the book he is writing about the architecture of ancient keeps. As the party mulls over turning the offer down, Parle drops the metaphorical hammer. The job will pay 100 gold pieces so long as the map is complete. He does warn you that there are several monstrous humanoid clans in the area but, he says with a shrug, that is why he needs adventurers, isn’t it?



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