Winds of Change

Into Winterhaven

Yosemite and his companion Loc-Tul were just a few short miles outside of Winterhaven, the last town before the Keep that they had been hired to map. The gates of the town loomed just in the distance on the crisp autumn afternoon. As the Goliath and Dwarf chatted as they walked up the road they observed a scaly rust-colored tail peeking out from a pile of boulders about thirty feet up the road. This tail, as it turned out, was attached to a small dragonoid creature that shrieked when it realized it had been noticed. As the heroes discussed whether or not to attack the creatures, a rock flew by Yosemite’s head, answering any questions as to the creatures’ intentions. As Yosemite and Loc-Tul took odds as to who would draw first blood and who could slay more of the creatures, they found themselves in more trouble than they initially realized. As Yosemite tried to go around the back of a boulder formation to gain an advantage on the Kobolds, the one equipped with a sling and armored, shield-bearing Kobold teamed up on the Goliath. Although Loc-Tul was set afire and both heroes were knocked unconcious, each caught a second wind, although Yosemite was KO’d again before the end of combat. At the end of the day, however, the heroes were victorious and Loc-Tul was forced to drag his friend into town where he located the local priestess Sister Linora at the Temple of Bahamut with the help of a young Elven flower seller. Sister Linora took Yosemite into her care as Loc-Tul went to Salvana’s Tavern where he purchased room and board and learned of the town’s Kobold problem from Lord Padraig, the mayor of Winterhaven. Lord Padraig offered the Goliath 50 silver if they could eliminate the Kobold problem. After a night of recovery, the adventurers were ready to head out of town again but not before an old man in Salvana’s implied he had information about the Keep that they were going to map, but he would not share it unless they eliminate the Kobold problem. As the duo exited the town they were once again ambushed by the Kobolds. This time, however, the party did not notice the creatures before they attacked. The Kobold priest and Dragonshield caused the party no end of trouble, including the Priest throwing three magic acid orbs into the Dwarf, severely wounding him. At the end of the day, the heroes were once again victorious, although Yosemite collapsed, badly wounded and hurt beyond death but not realizing the extent of his injuries until his rage wore off. The party is at a cross-roads. Do they go to map the Keep to the north, head south to rectify the Kobold problem, look into rumors of a disappeared adventurer looking for a dragon burial site at the request of Sister Linora, or look for other work elsewhere?


Yosemite used 2 healing surges in the final encounter. Loc-Tul used 1 healing surge in the final encounter. Both members still have 1 action point and their daily power.

The Beginning

As you sat with your traveling companions at the Inn of the Crossroads (possibly one of thousands of so-named inns across Bredania) a scholar named Parle Cranewing approaches you. “It seems,” he says in a squeaky voice, “That you are adventurers and adventurers are just what I am looking for.” A smile spreads across his gaunt face as his overlarge eyes peer out above his spectacles. Parle explains that he is a scholar with a particular interest in the Kingdom that Was. He says that he has it on good information that an old keep lies just to the north of the town of Winterhaven (so named because it lies just far enough south that it rarely gets extreme winter weather), which – in turn – is just north of the inn you are in. Parle would like the party to map the inn so that he may add it to the book he is writing about the architecture of ancient keeps. As the party mulls over turning the offer down, Parle drops the metaphorical hammer. The job will pay 100 gold pieces so long as the map is complete. He does warn you that there are several monstrous humanoid clans in the area but, he says with a shrug, that is why he needs adventurers, isn’t it?

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