The continent of Bredania was once the most powerful civilization in the world. A place of enlightenment, massive cities, kings, knights, and prosperity. Those times are long gone. Civilizations struggle to survive in the once great Empire, small spots of light in a world of darkness. Ruins dot the lands hiding treasures of lost civilizations. Monsters roam freely, pillaging the settlements that are left. To the north, beyond The Wall – now a shadow of its former self and crumbling from disrepair – lies Kursk, a frozen land where barbarians and mountains reign. To the south lies Atlia, where the sun grows warmer and warlords of all kinds torment the people. Farther south still lie The Wilds, where only the bravest dare venture. Dense jungles hide strange beasts the likes of which no Bredanian has ever seen. It is said that somewhere beyond the wilds lie the Fey worlds, where Elves, Eladrin, and other Fey creatures came, but such things are only legend. It is rumored that more worlds still lie beyond the oceans, but no means but no living creature has ever been able to verify such allegations, any ships going to sea never return, although some coastal people swear to have seen deserts so immense that they are all but uninhabitable, but that giant bug-men roam the wastes and giants have bred with men. Others whisper of a world where ships fly and steam is harnessed in ways heretofore unimagined. Such tales are only for children.

You are adventurers in Bredania. The world around you is changing. It will be up to you if that change is for the better or worse.

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Winds of Change